What is Linguistica?

Linguistica is a program designed to explore the unsupervised learning of natural language, with primary focus on morphology (word-structure). It runs under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and is written in C++ within the Qt development framework. Its demands on memory depend on the size of the corpus analyzed.

Unsupervised learning refers to the computational task of making inferences (and therefore acquiring knowledge) about the structure that lies behind some set of data, without any direct access to that structure. In the case of unsupervised learning of morphology, Linguistica explores the possibilities of morpheme-combinations for a set of words, based on no internal knowledge of the language from which the words are drawn.

Segmentation is the first task of this process; the program figures out where the morpheme boundaries are in the words, and then decides what the stems are, what the suffixes are, and so forth. Most of Linguistica's functionality, at this point, goes into making these decisions.




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